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Judee Samuels - Director of Operations

Providing Autism Links & Supports

PALS is a non profit organization supporting individuals with autism spectrum disorders in Central Florida registered with the UCF Center for Autism & Related Disabilities (CARD).

The mission of PALS is to create opportunities for individuals in Central Florida, who are registered with the UCF Center for Autism by providing state-of-the-art inclusive programs to optimize positive outcomes as they learn, play, work and live in Orange, Osecola, Brevard, Sumter, Lake, Volusia, Seminole, and Orange counties.

The vision of PALS is become the leading non-profit grassroots organization in Central Florida through evidence-based supports, services and programs for individuals with ASD to become inclusive members of the community as they learn, play and work in Central Florida by piloting innovative programs and empowering their parents, family members, professionals, and siblings through educational interventions.

The core values that PALS promotes are dignity, respect, accountability, collaboration, compassion and trust. PALS will strive for a collaborative effort by staff, family members, outside individuals and agencies. The abilities, interests, and preferences of all people served by PALS will be the prime focus of consideration while providing education, services and programs. http://www.pals-ucfcard.org/Home_Page.html

Hidden Treasures Ministries

Chatequa Pinkston - Founder

The goal of this ministry is to reveal the mysteries of the word of God and to help people discover who they are in Christ.

Chatequa Pinkston has a powerful testimony of God's love, grace and power. She is an example of God's power being made perfect in weakness. From the beginning, life has been a challenge since she was born with cerebral palsy and other birth defects effecting motor skills. Doctors spoke death and retardation over her from the beginning but God said, "Not so." As a child she had asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, but the Lord has healed her. She has her Bachelor’s and Master's degrees in Computer Science from the University of South Florida. Her testimony allows her to walk as a sign and a wonder in the earth.

She is currently an ordained prophetess under the leadership of Apostle Dilliana Powell of End Time Harvest Miracle Center International where she serves on the pastoral team. She also serves as media coordinator of the Deborah Network International.

Chatequa started Hidden Treasures Ministries. The vision of this ministry is that people will find the purpose and plan of God for their lives that have been hidden from the beginning of time. Locally, she reaches out to those with physical and mental challenges through a ministry called Bethesda Gathering. She travels and ministers as the Lord opens the doors for her to share His love and power.

Chatequa is the author of several books: “Revival of the Love of God”, “Be Children No More, But Sons of God” and “The Kingdom Workbook”. After these books she wrote “Walking as Signs and Wonders in the Earth” which tells her testimony and teaches how miracles are to point the way to Jesus. Her newest book is called “The Heart of God” which encourages readers to experience the many ways that God communicates with His creation. He desires relationship with man above all else.


Legal Shield

Stephanie Stevens - Independent Associate

Everyone Deserves Legal Protection

At LegalShield, we’ve been offering legal plans for 40 years, creating a world where everyone can access legal protection - and everyone can afford it. Unexpected legal questions arise every day and with LegalShield on your side, you’ll have access to a high-quality law firm for as little as $20 a month. From real estate to document review, speeding tickets to will preparation, and more, our attorneys are here to advise you with any legal matter - no matter how traumatic or how trivial it may seem. Our law firms are paid in advance so their sole focus is on serving you, rather than billing you. With our legal plan you will be protected and empowered to worry less and live more. Browse the web site for further information on the types of plans available, including Identity Theft Protection.  www.StephanieDawsonEnterprises.com

Oasis - A Pregnancy Care Center

Peter Castellani - Founder/CEO

Oasis is a non-denominational, Christian, faith-based, non-profit ministry. We offer encouragement and support to all women, teens and families experiencing
an unplanned pregnancy or other life-changing situation, regardless of faith or background.

We will glorify God by being a witness for life, promoting purity,
protecting the unborn and offering support to families.

Our premier OASIS funding support comes from people who have joined “The 144,000 - Set Apart by God.” We seek 144 people, Bible study classes, and/or churches willing to donate $1,000 a year to form the financial base of this ministry. It sounds like a lot, and it is, but it amounts to only three dollars a day. With $3 per day, you can help OASIS free babies from abortion, free families to become good parents, and free souls into everlasting life. http://oasispregnancycenter.org/home/

Autism Foundation of Tampa Bay

Gloria Durojaiye, Lydia James - Co Founders

Autism Foundation of Tampa Bay is a not for profit 501 (c) (3) organization incorporated in the State of Florida with a Mission to EDUCATE parents and caregivers of children with Autism, EMPOWER these individuals to speak up for the special needs children and provide RESPITE for these families.

Autism Foundation of Tampa Bay has the vision to create an Autism Support Center that provides educational resources, respite care and advocacy support services for children and families affected by Autism. The goal are to educate families of children with autism; empower parents and adults responsible for children with autism to speak up and advocate to meet the needs of the children with autism and provide respite care for family members of children with autism.

Autism Foundation of Tampa Bay, Inc. was founded by volunteers who believe that individuals with autism have the best opportunity to reach the potoential granted them by God their Creator when their parents and caregivers are educated and informed about this ondition and the resources available in the community.

As a result, this foundation was established to raise community awareness, raise funds needed to meet these outlined goals, create an opportunity for Autism specialists and providers to share their knowledge with the families and finally, to develop a resource center for families struggling with this disorder. http://autismfoundationoftampabay.org/

Spirit FM Radio

John Morris - Station Manager

Welcome to Spirit FM. I hope you find it a valuable tool in your daily spiritual walk. We look forward to your feedback regarding what you see on the web site (click link below) and what you hear over the air.

I never would have believed I would be working in radio, much less Christian radio, so it’s obvious that God has a great sense of humor! It is amazing to be part of such a powerful, life-changing ministry, and to witness lives touched everday by a song, Scripture or special message. I can truly say that the Holy Spirit, through Spirit FM, has had an eternal impact on my life.

I’ve been in the Bay area since the early 70s and graduated from the University of South Florida in 1988. I joined WBVM in 1987 while in college and have called it home ever since. Marriage, children and working for the Kingdom have tamed my country boy spirit, although in my free time, you may still find me fishing or hunting/photographing wildlife.


Inspiration AM 1110 Radio

Pete O'Shea - Broadcaster

Inspiration AM 1110 WTIS was first FCC-licensed as WALT in 1946. Its clear channel signal of 10,000 watts was Tampa Bay's first rock station with a format change in 1965. Beginning in 1970, WALT 1110 AM became the AM counterpart to the legendary WQYK FM in Tampa booming its top-rated country programming to 8 counties in the Tampa Bay area.

The station was purchased in 1976 and underwent a format change to its current focus on Christian programming now known as Tampa's Inspiration Station or WTIS.

In addition to its regular religious programming, WTIS is building a program schedule of local origination and national programs to inspire listeners to better spiritual, emotional, and physical health. If you would like to be part of “the inspiration mission” at WTIS, contact the business office. WTIS wants to give back to its listening community and asks you to share messages of public service or area events to be aired on the station. http://www.wtis1110.com/wp/?page_id=92

Fearless Networking

Ken P Marsh - Author/Broadcaster

Kenneth P. Marsh is CEO of Fearless Networking, Inc. and Strategic Learning Systems. He has been a business owner specializing in the relationship building arena since 1991. He was formerly Director of Training for one of the world's largest for-profit training organizations. He has written 3 books on networking. Most notably, "Fearless Networking – 1st and 2nd ed." and "How to Fearlessly Network for your Next Job." Ken has published more than 300 articles on business networking for Houstonbusinessdaily.com now PriceofBusiness.com. Ken also has a DVD of his most popular seminar, entitled "How to Fearlessly Network for New Business Development." He has developed curriculum for Rice University School of Business. He has given many motivational presentations as keynote speaker, master trainer and business development coach and has been offered a 5-figure advance to write a book on personal networking by Penguin Publishers, the world’s number two trade book Publisher. Ken has been the recipient of numerous speaking awards.

Ken has been a manager of instruction for Dale Carnegie Institute of Houston and the Director of Training for the Dale Carnegie Institute of D.C. (offices in Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia). He taught the Effective Speaking & Human Relations Course, The High-Impact Presentations Course, Sales Course, Sales Leader Course, Customer Relations, Executive Image Course, Professional Development Series, Leadership and Management Seminar. He also, was a Train-the-Trainer (International Trainer of Instructors for Dale Carnegie).

Ken's the host of 'The Word on Fearless Networking' which airs M-F 7 PM CST everywhere on the Internet on kkht.com and 100.7 FM in the Houston, TX metro area. He is a past president of Business Network International – West University Chapter where he was awarded a certificate of “Notable Networking for the Most Referrals” for 39 consecutive months (he averages 22 referrals a month).

Ken is a graduate of Lamar University. He spent 15 years of his early career utilizing his educational background as a computer programmer, systems analyst, project supervisor, general accounting supervisor, and information systems manager before becoming a trainer, training director, executive coach, job-fit consultant, business development coach, business owner, keynote speaker and author.

And...Ken is an accomplished radio and TV personality. http://www.fearlessnetworkers.com/author.htm
Laurie Zoock is the host of The World of Laurie Zoock, a nationally syndicated variety show. Zoock often features famous musicians as well as up and coming musicians. All episodes are available on lauriezoock.podomatic.com.