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Join us for our Annual Christmas Charity Concert on Friday November 16th 2018 - supporting local talent and worthy causes.

Venue - Cypress Creek Middle High School, 8701 Old Pasco Road, Wesley Chapel. Doors open 6.15pm - concert starts at 7pm.

Registration is open for Vendors and Sponsors at this time - please contact Stephanie Stevens for Early Bird Special pricing!
Tickets are on sale - $15 each or $25 for two. Discounted to $12 each if purchased before Nov 1st. Groups of 10 or more will be $10 each before Nov 1st.

Proceeds benefit Stonecroft Ministries (New Tampa Women's Connection) and C5 (Carrollwood Cultural Center's Community Chorus ).
Don't miss out ...

James Williams, is a young and talented high school student who plays the piano like an angel. He is so very special and so very gifted in so many wonderful ways.

He was a late developer in life due to the fact he was born prematurely by caesarean section and for the most part of his early years was seen by one medical consultant or another. He was diagnosed with mild autism and ADD among other conditions, and given physiotherapy, occupational therapy as well and speech therapy before he even began pre-school! Such a lot for a young boy to contend with but contend with he did.

James started taking piano lessons when he was around seven or eight years old but stopped playing altogether shortly after when he felt pressured to do so. Then, out of the blue, during summer break of 2010, he returned to the piano of his own accord and practiced daily for over an hour at a time.

James is able to listen and watch a piece being played and after a few weeks he masters the tune. He has taught himself to play the classical pieces he now performs and does not read music. He plays his favorite, Fantaisie Impromptu by Chopin, in its entirety from memory without looking at the keyboard for the most part! In December 2010 he entered his school’s talent competition and won first prize. This was the start of many such entries and other performances, including nursing homes, senior communities and charitable organizations, to which he gives back a percentage.

In order to attend college and obtain the music/performance degree he seeks, James is appealing for donations and sponsorship to assist in his goals.  Please join with him in his aspirations and lend your support in any way you are able.  To make a donation feel free to click on the Donate button below or contact Stephanie on (813) 322 3892.  ​ Thank you so very much!